LE FIORI L’amour Eternel


Le Fiori originated in central Italy. In a small village at Norcia of Umbria, a married couple made a living by floriculture. For decades, they led a simple yet sweet and happy life together in a chalet on the 1,400ft-high plateau. Knowing his wife’s love and passion for flowers, the husband weaved a romantic ocean of flowers all around their home. But when days went by, the wife hated to see the flowers withered. She was upset watching her husband’s efforts going down the drain along with the petals falling day by day. She wanted to keep the flowers always blossoming and beautiful.

One day, a florist from France occasionally dropped by the village and discovered the beautiful piece of land covered with flowers. The florist was deeply moved by the gorgeous flower sea and their love blossomed therein. Inspired by the eternal love (L’amour Eternel in French) of the husband to his wife, the florist decided to go around the globe and research the preservation of fresh flowers for up to 3 years. Building upon the idea of keeping love eternal in the form of preserved flowers, the brand Le Fiori L’amour Eternel was founded – a moment forever, L’amour Eternel.


In 2018, KABO GROUPE has signed the master franchise agreement with Le Fiori for business cooperation in Asia Pacific Region. The Asian first pop-up store was opened in New Town Plaza, Shatin, Hong Kong. With great success and market recognition, Le Fiori will continue to develop concept stores in major shopping malls in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories, to provide a variety of preserved flower products to valuable customers.

The license of Le Fiori in the Greater China region is now exclusive to KABO GROUPE. Dandy Marketing is responsible for marketing and operation. With the extensive network and professional retail management experience in the region, KABO GROUPE is now managing over 300 shops for their retail and F&B clients in Hong Kong with excellent commendation in the market.